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Business and Commerce | Calhoun County Alabama | Anniston, Oxford, Jacksonville

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Calhoun County, Alabama, is located in the fastest-growing region in the United States. The county seat is Anniston. Oxford is the thriving and rapidly growing city to its south. And, Jacksonville is a small but vibrant college town to its north. It is the home of Jacksonville State University, a former teacher’s college that now offers a wide range of programs including business, education, sciences, technology, and fine arts.

This area is pro-business with a large employable population.

Calhoun County is a transportation hub. In addition to its regional airport with a 7,000 foot runway, it is in close proximity of major international airports located in Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, George. Oxford sits astride US Interstate 20. US 431 and US 21 goes right through Oxford and Anniston. US 431 continues all the way to Huntsville, Alabama. US 21 goes through Jacksonville to Piedmont and beyond. The county also has rail lines going north-south and east-west.

A major factor in the economic growth of the area is the availability of vast land and building resources at the former Fort McClellan, which is now simply called McClellan.

Another significant aspect of this area is its involvement in the film industry. As a logical extension of the Alabama Film Initiative program, Jacksonville State University hosts the Northeast Alabama Entertainment Initiative. One of its major projects is LongLeaf Studios a 18,000 square foot film incubator, which houses the largest green-screen in a three state area. The area also has a very strong grass-roots film movement with the YellowHammer Filmmakers of Northeast Alabama.